Zeus Business Intelligence is a company dedicated to build custom web software.

A bit of our History

Zeus Business Intelligence started in 2007 under the name of Soluciones Colaborativas. We started developing websites with HTML, Flash and CSS and software with PHP and MySql.

During the first 3 years about 10 commercial websites and 5 web softwares (Customer Relations Manager, Project management software,  Help desk software, accountability software and a advertisement portal) were created.

In 2011 Soluciones Colaborativas closed and David it’s owner started working in a Telecommunications company doing Business Intelligence. David continued his journey in Business Intelligence combine with PHP, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL and Joomla.

Later in the southern winter of 2014, David started Zeus Business Intelligence with the aim of creating web software with an added value of Business Intelligence.

Since 2014, Zeus BI has created more than 50 commercial WordPress sites and 4 Web softwares in industries like fitness, hospitality, education and real state.